Nutritional Supplements for a Healthy Body and Mind

Good health and fitness is something which we all dream of in today’s busy lifestyle, however some are successful in attaining it, and others strive hard.

Nutritional supplements - types and contents

The foundation of a fit body is dependent on building blocks of natural nutrition that consists of carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, fats, proteins and antioxidants.

Each of our body functions requires various combinations of the essential elements in our daily life, and lifestyle these days does not ensure that you have completely taken your required quantity for the day.

There are some minerals in our body which are very important connected congress for an overall healthy well-being.

These are provided in various supplement foods available across the globe.

  • COD Omega consisting DHA, omega 3 fatty acids
  • EPA also contains cod liver oil which is very good for your bones and muscles.
  • Fruits of life are another supplement which takes a different route and provides us with antioxidant ability; it blends the organic properties of 7 different fruits to give us a powerful antioxidant which helps us in relieving stress and getting rid of all the harmful radicals.
  • Perfect food and perfect food original is another product also called as the super green formula, contains micro algae, sea vegetables, legumes, green grass, juices, sprouts, seeds and cherries easily a supplement for all the nutrition we get from our fruits and vegetables.

Why do we need Nutritional supplements?

The first and foremost requirement for a supplement is to be healthy and fit the whole day and provide yourself all the essential elements you need.

To answer those questions of basic vitamins and minerals any good multivitamin supplement will work, which will give your body all the basic elements to function and keep it healthy.

Generally our body needs a combination of 13 essential vitamins to remain healthy, mainly A, B, C, D, E, K, B12 and B complex vitamins.

The more challenging part however is all of these are not found in usually what we eat but in a carefully planned diet which is rich in all these, and since planned diet is not possible for all the people in this world supplements come to the rescue.

However, there is a debate on the usage and effectiveness of multivitamin supplements as they come in various forms and sizes so the perfect one cannot be decided in one use. Thus, one should go according to what suits your body.

Each vitamin has a different function in our body and is very important in one way or the another we cannot afford to ignore any one of them, for example E – it is an antioxidant which helps in removing radicals from our body and creates healthy skin

Supplements are for all - adults and adolescents

Today`s lifestyle can easily make a parent worried about his child as an optimum intake of nutrients is a rare possibility, Children tend to eat unhealthy foods combined with the sense of inactivity owing to electronic media makes it a very challenging job.

The easier way is to make children interested in cooking and motivating them to join a sport which helps them to know and practise good nutritional habits.

Pertaining to the growing unhealthy habits in children electronic media companies have innovated to introduce more active games in the market which has been seen as a positive note, however nothing can be compared to the importance of sport and physical activity in a child`s life.

Healthy habits are difficult to put in but through proper channel and perseverance one can encourage today`s youth in putting in an extra yard to know what he needs to do and what he needs to eat.

Always remember - A healthy life starts with a healthy body.