Top 7 Benefits Of Performing Deadlifts

As one of the best overall mass builders around, the deadlift brings with it a number of benefits. Remember that deadlift benefits are only encountered when deadlifting on a regular basis and making them a staple of your back and/or leg workouts. That's take a look at those deadlift benefits:

1. Increased Strength Throughout a Number of Muscle Groups

Since deadlifts are one of the best compound exercises you can perform it will build muscle and strength in a number of key muscle groups. Not just one muscle group, more like 3 or 4, or maybe more! After a heavy set of deadlifts you will really feel your back, leg and forearm muscles. These 3 major muscle groups get hit hard during the deadlift, as do smaller muscle groups such as your hamstrings, abs, traps and biceps. See more proper techniques on website.

2. Other Lifts Improve

Once you've grasped the form and can deadlift with proper technique you will start to add more and more weight to the bar. As you do this you will notice your other lifts start to improve as a result. Barbell/dumbbell rows, squats and shrugs are all known to increase along with your deadlift due to the similar type of motion and muscle groups being used in each exercise. More progress = better results so keep deadlifting!

3. You Can Lift More Weight

Deadlifts are one of those movements along with the squat where you can add greater amounts of weight to the bar each week/month than any other exercise. If you are a beginner or are new to weight training the chances are your deadlift will improve dramatically within the first six months to a year of training.

Once you have the deadlift form down and have a solid diet full of protein, carbs and adequate amounts of healthy fats its not uncommon for athletes or individuals to be adding 5-10lbs a week to their deadlift. The more weight we can use for an exercise the harder we hit the muscles, resulting in a greater potential for muscle growth and strength gains.

4. Better Posture

A lot of people shy away from deadlifts either because they are too hard or because they believe they will get injured and mess their back up. Deadlifting on a regular basis and with correct form can actually improve your posture by strengthening the lower back. People with a stronger lower back will naturally have better posture and be less prone to slouch.

5. Mimics Real Life Lifting

The deadlift movement is one of few weight training exercises that mimics real life lifting and will give you an advantage when moving heavy objects around in your everyday life. If you need to pick up a heavy object off the floor you will naturally assume a deadlift position because this is the correct and safe way to lift something heavy up off the floor.

Moving a heavy television from one place to another will bring your grip and forearm strength into play just like deadlifting does! Become more confident in lifting heavy objects around your house by building up your deadlift strength.

6. Deadlifts Build Explosiveness

Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to help you build explosive strength. This is also known as rate of force development (RFD) and is best described as how quickly you can develop tension within a certain muscle. This is extremely important for a lot of athletes such as sprinters.

7. Deadlifts Build Unbelievable Grip Strength

Deadlifts have a reputation for building immense grip strength. Your forearms work incredibly hard to grip the bar throughout the deadlift movement. There will come a time in your training when you struggle to perform the desired amount of reps before the bar slips out of your hand. Overtime your grip will be forced to play catch up with your deadlift so stick with it.

If you are really struggling with your grip use straps but I would only recommend using these when on your heaviest set or a 1 rep max attempt. Don't wear them for your warm ups or your first couple of working sets. Let your grip develop naturally and you will be surprised how much strength you can build in your forearms purely through deadlifting.